Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why a Degree? One Explanation

Thanks to my daughter for sending me this link. An article by George Will reprinted in the Jewish World Review discusses a Supreme Court Ruling and its affect on college attendance. For the complete article go to http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/will010409.php3

The following excerpts are particularly apt:

"Small wonder, then, that many employers, fearing endless litigation about multiple uncertainties, threw up their hands and, to avoid legal liability, threw out intelligence and aptitude tests for potential employees. Instead, they began requiring college degrees as indices of applicants' satisfactory intelligence and diligence.

This is, of course, just one reason college attendance increased from 5.8 million in 1970 to 17.5 million in 2005.

Indeed, by turning college degrees into indispensable credentials for many of society's better jobs, this series of events increased demand for degrees and, O'Keefe and Vedder say, contributed to "an environment of aggressive tuition increases." Furthermore they reasonably wonder whether this supposed civil rights victory, which erected barriers between high school graduates and high-paying jobs, has exacerbated the widening income disparities between high school and college graduates. "

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Anonymous said...

I'm all for civil rights but this court decision didn't result in anything all that positive from what I can see. You can't give an aptitude test so you substitute a college degree instead? PC carried to extremes.