Monday, January 12, 2009

'Tis a Puzzlement, perhaps

I spent some time yesterday and this morning trying to find some reports on yesterday's New York City rally for Israel. (Not) so strangely I haven't found any on the major news websites. So much for balanced news reporting by the national media, and the local ones as well. In our fair city when three people are anywhere together, this constitutes a gathering and is considered newsworthy. Really makes you wonder how they could miss thousands gathering in Midtown Manhattan. Fair and objective reporting huh? In what Universe? Try searching for Gaza or for Palestinian demonstrations and up comes a morning's worth of reading.

Oh, silly me. It was cold yesterday and how could I possibly expect reporters to risk getting chilblains in reporting the news.


Anonymous said...

Here is one report

Maybe next time they should make a blog section.

Anonymous said...

Another -

SaraK said...

I was there and I didn't see any media covering the rally