Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Hiatus, Bli Neder

Hubby and I are leaving on Motzoai Shabbos for five days out of New York. I'm not calling this a vacation; we prefer to think of it as a therapeutic absence. If we were cars, we would surely be running on empty at this point. Other than cell phones, to be used sparingly and for serious calls only, we are leaving all the technology at home. Given all that has gone on in our lives this year we need some time away, hoping that "absence will make the heart grow fonder."

I've left some posts that will automatically pop up, although I obviously won't be making any comments until I return. Have a safe week, and a healthy one.


G6 said...

I hope you come back refreshed and "refueled"

Anonymous said...

If you have any room in the suitcases can I pack myself in and come along? Rest up cuz NY will still be waiting here when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Have a great Shabbat .... and following, have a great "absence" :-)