Sunday, January 4, 2009

How to Drive a Watch

My husband pointed out the following to me from the Stauer Catalog, the first 2009 edition. It was really nice to start the day with a shared laugh.

Page 49.
" A free car with every watch?...keep reading
Many Swiss watches cost more than my new car. So we at Stauer decided to replicate the movement of a magnificent $26,000 Swiss automatic watch but sell it to you for only $149.95. So you end up with $25,850.05 in change.

How did we build such a fine timepiece and save you enough to buy a brand new sedan or SUV in the process? We spent over $31 million but took our factory across the border and out of Switzerland. By using Swiss built machinery, Swiss trained engineers and the highest quality parts, we were able to build this limited edition Stauer Monaco automatic timepiece for 93% less than a comparable luxury model.

Thanks to Stauer, you can wear the ultimate luxury watch with the added benefit of keeping your money in your wallet, not on your wrist."


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Is this like a serious catalog of things for sale? Never heard of them before.

ProfK said...

They have an online site as well as the printed catalog I got. Go to The watch I'm talking about is the Men's Stauer Chrome Monaco. An interesting thing when you go to the site. The text in the online catalog is worded differently than the printed catalog.