Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

"Tis Wednesday and a reader emailed me if I'm ever going to give her a break so she can catch up with her reading here.

The answer is YES. Starting Sunday for 6 days, I won't be posting anything new. We are taking a vacation, and for us a vacation means no electronic anythings. Imagine that, a world that will exist without email, without blogs, without computers and, hopefully, without phone calls. And no work!!! Just lots and lots of that togetherness time I once posted about that seems in such short supply when we are at home. And fun--I wonder if I still can recognize it when it presents itself.

There are two ways to talk about vacations: Vacations to and Vacations from. True, we are going to someplace, but this is really a vacation from.

If you visit and read and want to leave a comment, I'm going to leave the comments unmoderated. But please, best behavior.

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