Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Frog's Story

She's nowhere near the keyboard, but I'll have to make it quick. You would think that a princess would sleep in more often, but since the kids came she wanders in to the computer at strange hours.

So you think that happily ever after worked for everyone huh? Well maybe for Ethelred and HindaElla, but I'm still waiting for my happily ever after. Don't think it's coming so fast. And do they care? Not likely!

Oh they make the funny public noises still, you know, where they treat me like some honored guest. But when the Prince screws up some anniversary he is supposed to have remembered, like the first time they ate quail eggs together, then it's never his fault--it's always mine. And when she washes his suit that is clearly marked dry clean only, is it her fault? Nope, mine yet again.

The Princie gets his favorite breakfast all the time. For me? Freeze dried flies, on sale at Shoprite. "Make our home your home" they promised. Yeah, right. You ever have to sleep on a guest room bed? Maybe one night you could make it, but 1000? Fuhgetaboutit.

Yesterday I heard her complaining to him that they never seem to have any privacy any more and perhaps there are too many residents in residence. Sure, blame it on me. I told them and told them that a small palace was just not going to make for the long haul, but did they listen?

And the babysitting! Just how many legs do they think I have?! And how much strength? I'm not a tadpole any longer you know!

I can read the signs and I'm not waiting to be uninvited. There's a great new pond development that just opened a day's ride from here. Individual lily pads with all the amenities. Fresh gourmet meals to gladden an insectivore's heart. Organized activities and trips. And humans can only visit but are forbidden to crash at your pad. And who knows, maybe I'll find my own happily ever after. It sure won't happen when the only people I meet are humans.

Oh darn, the baby is crying. And the school cart will be here in 5 minutes and who knows where those parents are off to, and no, Antoine you cannot wear the purple pants with the red shirt, and Belinda, princesses don't dress in outfits like that, and Hermione stop trying to climb up into the fireplace; it's what got your mother in trouble. Robilard, put down that knife!

Sorry, but it's time to log off. Apparently all the things I don't do need doing. Maybe next week I can dream about lily pads and trips to the South of France--frog heaven. Or maybe not. I think I heard her say that the painters are coming in next week and how is she going to pack up everything and get ready. A frog's work is never done.


Anonymous said...

Always wondered what the household help says when they don't think we can hear them. Someone here is either heading back to the mother country or they are going to be hitting up the prince for a raise big time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like a grandmother who can't seem to get her life back. Too many kids today who complain about their parents interference in their lives but call them every two seconds to do something for them.

Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds like this frog needs to get a life of its own and soon.