Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow? Nooooooo!!!!

Once again Staten Island has shown its determination to stand apart from the rest of New York City. Only this time I would have given a lot to be just like everyone else. The snow that began yesterday was not supposed to bury NYC, being only peripheral to the Snowacane's path. That was at least the theory.

It started snowing here really early yesterday morning, and except for a brief respite of a couple of hours in the early evening (just enough time to try and dig out some paths) it hasn't stopped. Because the old snow had not completely disappeared, my yard is now about 2-2-1/2 feet higher than the base of the house, and that's not counting the height of the drifts. My crew is out there for the umpteenth time trying to clear paths to get us to the street. And more snow is still predicted here for today and tonight, with "only" 2-4 inches expected tomorrow. Local forecasters are saying we will definitely have a 16" accumulation, if not more.

It picked a great weekend--not--to have this weather. Tomorrow is parshas Zochor and tomorrow night the megilla leining. Sunday morning megilla and then delivering shalach monos and getting in company for the seudah. Through a fluke, all my company for seudah is from SI this year. Hopefully they will be all dug out by then.

I can take comfort in this, however: it's worse, way worse in Teaneck and northern Jersey. Luckily my daughter from Teaneck arrived yesterday before the worst of the storm hit or she never would have made it home for Shabbos. And there is a real possibility that two couples who were supposed to head out to Teaneck may not be going, so my Suedah may get larger. So yes, here I am giving thanks for living in SI even while I'm complaining.

Have a safe Shabbos as you are out and about walking.

I think we have to change the words to that old song to read "Snow, snow, go away. Don't come back another day."

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Gavi said...

I know you don't want to hear it but SI has been the dumping ground for the city for years so why not the excess snow?