Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Program Announcement--Purim, Alcohol and Kids

Honestly Frum has up a posting about an upcoming--tomorrow--interactive program on Purim, kids and alcohol. All the info can be found at

This is a problem that we can be doing way more to combat. Get some info and then get busy protecting your kids and, yes, your adult males as well.


Lion of Zion said...

since purim come out right after shabbat this year, maybe people will still be recovering from the kiddush club and won't drink that much on purim

Honestly Frum said...

Thanks for the link. I am all for drinking responsibly but I feel like purim has turned so crazy when it comes to this that we should not even be drinking in moderation. People think it's OK to give booze to kids and to act stupidly in the streets (I am going to flatbush this year and I am taking a video camera with me. I will be bli neder post videos on my blog of drunken teenagers in the streets). Maybe it's me but sometimes I feel like calling the cops to the Jewish homes where they are giving booze to minors who are not their own.

ProfK said...

Welcome to the club HF. I've been ranting about this one for years. Just which halacha is it that allows us to let teenagers turn themselves into drunken sots?! And while we are on the subject, just which halacha is it that lets grown men turn into those same drunken sots?!

Good luck to you if you are going to Brooklyn on Purim. I refuse to take my life in my hands and drive there on Purim, and walking is not much better. It's those decorative puddles of vomit that I'd really rather not see.