Friday, February 12, 2010

The Deep Freeze

Looking out the window all that can be seen is a snow-covered frozen landscape. Officially Staten Island "only" got 17 inches of snow with this past Wednesday's blizzard. That doesn't include the drifting that 50 mph winds created. It has been a few days where staying indoors has been the way to go. But I know myself pretty well and my boredom quotient was reached fairly quickly. Yup, baking for Purim has taken up a lot of that free time and kept me busy. But the baking brought me square up to where all those baked goods were going to be stored, since it's still a little early to just leave them in containers, sealed or not. Off I went to rearrange a few things in the big freezer so the baked goods could go in.

And that's when Purim temporarily fled from mind and Pesach jumped right in. The number 6 took root, such as in only 6 weeks to go. Where did all that food come from that was staring me in the eye?! Better yet, where was it all going to go? Deep breath and I relaxed just a bit. Time to be cooking almost exclusively from what is on hand. Checked my freezer contents list and relaxed even more. Nothing in there that can't be taken care of with a little planning.

I didn't really intend to bring up the dreaded P word quite this early, but here it is. Now is a good time to inventory that big freezer, if you have one. Those six weeks have a tendency to fly by quickly and then suddenly there you are, a week before Pesach, and your freezer seems not to have gotten the message that it needs to empty out. I'm really big on avoiding agony if at all possible. Have a free minute today? Check the freezer--one less thing on that long list of to-do things that creep up this time of year.


Leahle said...

You mentioned the second P holiday and the first one hasn't even arrived yet? Some people would consider that a punishable offense.

Me, I'm lucky. Our freezer, a pass me down from someone in the family, died a few weeks ago and the new one will first come in before Pesach so I don't have to clean it. Good luck with yours.

mother in israel said...

You're playing around with us. You mentioned the P word a few weeks back when you cleaned your curtains. :P

Michal said...

Another good reason for emptying that freezer completely. One of the kids got an electronic game as a birthday present. A few weeks later it disappeared. Thought for sure the kid lost it outside. Cleaned the freezer last week and found that game tucked inside a bag of rolls that was frozen and in the back of the freezer. Not really the strangest thing I found in there either.