Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre-Snow Neighbor Alert

I meant to post this earlier but there is still time. If you have any elderly/widowed/ill neighbors, please make a call or knock on the door and make sure they have what they'll need to get through the coming storm. And when you're all digging out after the storm please give a thought to clearing a path for those same people. It's hard enough to be in a position where you might not be able to get out easily, never mind adding snow, wind and icy conditions to the mix.


G6 said...

Great idea!
Tizku L'mitzvos.

TK said...

Just got back from my regular morning minyan and a lot of the regular mispalelim weren't there. Some people blamed it on the snow but a few people pointed out that those missing were among the oldest in the minyan. You're very right that checking up on these people in this weather is the mentchliche thing to do.

Anonymous said...

My father has the best neighbors in the world.

Yay Far Rockaway!

He is knh not young, lives alone, and when I told him I was coming over to shovel, he told me one neighbor on one side had already done it. I called him back later in the day when it started snowing again to see if I could help, and the other side neighbor had been and done it again.
Later that night, yet a third grateful phone call from him to me to tell me that another neighbor had swept off his steps and salted them again, in case he wanted to get out early.
mi k'amcha yisrael!

ProfK said...


Thanks for the chizuk your comment gave me. It's so good to see that sometimes people really do care about each other and do the right thing.