Friday, February 12, 2010

Gone and So Not Forgotten

Today marks the yahrzeit of Liba bas Tzvi a'h, my mother's sister. She was an incredible person both for her family and for Klal. So many places and organizations owe their "lives" to her ongoing, continuous efforts. Tante Libby stories still abound all over my family, yes, even being told by great grandchildren who did not have the zechus to know her alive.

She still "lives" for me in so many ways. After her petirah her children asked if there were any things that we, her nieces, would like. No one else was going to take her everyday pesach dishes for fleishig. It turns out that my everyday dishes had over the years dwindled down and needed replacing. I gladly took those dishes. Now, every day, I "have dinner" with Tante Libby. Their value? The memories they bring to mind.

May her neshoma have an aliyah.

Tomorrow also marks the yahrzeit of Tzvi ben Binyomin Zev a"h, my grandfather. I never had the zechus to know this grandfather in person--he was one of the victims of WWII. But thanks to my mother and the stories she told of her father I could almost swear I must have met him, I know so much about him.

I posted earlier about our family motto, a motto that comes to us from the last words spoken by this zayde to my mom and my aunt. He told them "hahtz eich leib"--love each other. Zayde, your words have been taken to heart by all of us, and it's how we live.

May his neshoma have an aliyah.

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