Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adar! Yesssss!

Without a doubt Adar is my favorite month of the year. Lots of reasons to feel that way, starting with my hubby's birthday today, our anniversary coming up and lots of other significant days across the family. And of course there is Purim, also my favorite holiday if only for the exuberance and happiness that permeates the day.

Is it too much to ask that just once in my lifetime outside events could manage not to disturb my joy in Adar? Could we hold off on the bad news for a few weeks? Could Klal somehow manage not to screw up something for this one little month? Surely we are capable of holding things down to no roar for a few weeks.

I know, I know, somewhere there is a storm coming, but could we please have the lull before the storm first? Let's see if we can have a month in which we count our blessings instead of our lack. Let's give praise for what we do have before we cry about what we don't have. Who knows--if we find our "positivity" this month it just might carry over to other months, and just think of what we might accomplish.

So go, greet your family with a smile, greet the world with a smile. Wish all you know a gutten Rosh Chodosh Adar (Sunday and Monday this year), and stretch your lips wide when you say it. What's the worse that can happen? Being positive about things just might get to be a habit. That's a habit I'd gladly get addicted to.

A gutten Rosh Chodosh Adar! :) :) :)

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Ruth said...

And a gutt rosh chodosh to you too! A month where nothing will go wrong? Would love that. Maybe your enthusiasm will be catching. We can always hope.
Oh and happy birthday to your hubby.