Thursday, February 23, 2012

"P" is also for Preparedness

Those of you with a StopNShop market in your area might want to swallow your feelings about those "P" words that are upcoming, because it just might be "profitable" for you. The market already has its Passover products aisle up, and it's a double aisle in our market. Not only that, but about 2/3 of the products were on sale. If you have a place where to store those non-perishable products, then why not save some money now. Also will leave less to do before the Chag. Another plus is that the shelves are full and there's lots of variety. (Just an example: the Gefen large size salt-free tomato sauce {not the jumbo} was 3 for 89 cents today.)

Note also that Sanka coffee and Nescafe already have the OKP on them. Three different markets in our area had sales on those coffee brands over the past two weeks. If they go on sale in your area, it might pay to buy and put them away already.

Yes, "put away" for later is also a "P" phrase, and it also "puts" money into your pocket. Not all "P" words are "Perturbing."

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