Friday, February 24, 2012

Adar, Mazal, Dagim

We've all heard that combination--Adar, Mazal, Dagim--but they've never come together for me quite like this week. Okay, there was a "fishy" posting up about a brand of salmon that was an excellent buy. And then it was Rosh Chodosh Adar. So what was the Mazal?

On Rosh Chodosh I was accidentally in the vicinity of a fish store, decided to drop in just to check what the prices were, and found one of those "Special, from 10:00 to 12:00" signs. Yup, the mazal kicked in, as it was 5 minutes to 12:00, and there was frozen flounder at 99 cents a pound--yes you read that correctly. Okay, there was a limit of "only" a pound, but since I was the only customer in there and it turned 12:00 and the sale was going to be over, they let me have three pounds. Not even sure if I was married yet the last time I saw flounder that cheap.

I have often touted the merits of having a big freezer. Being able to take advantage of sales like this one because I know I have the freezer space to hold the product can be a real plus, both in money savings and in not having to run out all the time to get supplies.

So yes, this week was truly Adar, Mazal, Dagim.

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Anna said...

Seriously, what're you gonna do with all that fish? We like fish here too but sounds like you'll be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Still, that was a super price for the flounder. You gonna fry it or do you have a healthier recipe you'd like to share.