Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not Taken at Face Value

A few years back manufacturers of plastic storage containers for use in the kitchen began putting out what they labeled as "Disposable" containers. True, those manufacturers who produced the supposedly more long-lasting plastic containers were charging a lot for those products, producers like Rubber Maid and the like. But the prices that Glad and company were charging for these disposables wasn't always that cheap, although occasionally a bargain could be found.

However, here is the thing--just how are these containers really "disposables"? Haven't counted them all, but I believe just about every one of those disposables is still alive and well in my house after at least a few years of usage. They've been in the fridge, in the freezer, in the dishwasher and sink washed. The covers are still sturdy and fit tightly, the containers themselves are not warped, cracked or stained. The only ones that are not re-used for their intended purpose are the ones for Pesach, since I just don't have the space to store them with the Pesach dishes. But they weren't tossed--they just got used for chometz items during the year.

Sure, some of those containers leave the house--sending leftovers home with the kids, for instance--and I don't have to "worry" that a really expensive plastic container might never be seen again, but that's the exception, not the rule.

Point I'm making--given the longevity and usefulness of the less expensive "disposables," why spend on the more expensive plastic containers? Not sure that Glad et al really want customers like me, but there are a lot more like me out there.

Let the buyer be ware--just because a manufacturer tells you that something is one way doesn't make that true.

Note: and let's not even discuss what an environmental savings we have by not throwing out those disposables and clogging our landfills.


tesyaa said...

I agree, the disposables are excellent and they don't seem to wear out any faster than the "permanent" containers.

Similarly, years ago an ophthalmologist told me that "disposable" contact lenses are the same as the "long lasting" ones they used to make, and can be worn much longer than the manufacturer recommends. (You should always follow your own doctor's recommendations).

mlevin said...

A few years ago we started buying for pesach those disposable containers that stores use to sell up pickles and such. This way it's easier to handle leftover food after the pesach is over. I just leave it in the fridge and pack away the clean containers for next years. After spending 3 years doing it, I now have a shelf full of those containers. In my opinion they are more durable and easier to wash than the rubbermaid ones.