Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's on the Calendar

Feel like celebrating today? Holidays on today's calendar are:

1. Camcorder Day
2. Get to Know Your Customer Day
3. Inauguration Day
4. National Disc Jockey Appreciation Day
5. Women's Healthy Weight Day
6. Women in Blue Jeans Days--20-22

7. National Cheese Day
8. National Buttercrunch Day
9. Take a Walk Outdoors Day
10. Roller Coaster Patent Day--1885

1 comment:

leahle said...

Someone has a sense of humor if they put women's healthy weight day on the same day with national buttercrunch day. Not sure that even also being take a walk outdoors day would cancel out the affect of all that buttercrunch.

I guess that take a walk outdoors day must be regional for the warm weather areas--not something most of us want to do in the NE with snow and ice still all over and more to come.