Sunday, January 16, 2011

Believing what you say

In concert with a lot of other people, I can spout all kinds of sayings that are supposed to make you feel better when plans go awry. Sure, when life hands you lemons make lemonade. There are, however, some times when talking yourself into believing that you "welcome" these changes is a lot harder than other times. Of course, that's when you need to convince yourself the hardest that all happens for a reason.

In exactly 40 minutes from now my hubby and I were supposed to set sail on a 12 night cruise. Right after Sukkos my husband came home with a surprise for us: we were going to spend my entire intersession cruising the Caribbean. He got a terrific deal on a beautiful cabin so we'd be comfortable for that long a sailing. The ship is huge with a correspondingly huge assortment of things to do. All we HAD to do for that time was relax and enjoy each other's company.

The fall and early winter were fraught with all kinds of happenings that got us all wound up. What kept us going was the knowledge that soon we'd be heading away from all the stress. Weather, family, work and just plain life in general all seemed determined to add an extra measure of must-do's and must-plans and must-be's to an already over-crowded schedule. Last week on Shabbos we sort of smiled at each other and thumbs up said just one more week and we're free to relax--famous last words. By Shabbos afternoon my hubby was feeling off.

B"H he is now finally feeling a bit better, but my hubby got sick and it's been a round of doctor visits all of last week. The doctors put it very bluntly: we weren't sailing anywhere. His illness was not life-threatening, but it precluded getting on a ship.

Yes, we're trying to be really adult about all of this; obviously my hubby's health comes before a cruise. We cancelled the cruise on Wednesday and there were no tears falling. Gam zu l'tovah. It's only now, when the time we would have sailed has finally arrived, that we're feeling a bit down in the dumps. It's like that old saying: "All dressed up with nowhere to go." We have two empty weeks facing us with no idea right now just what we are going to do with them. And yes, we're kind of leery as well--we know that nature abhors a vacuum, and we're so hoping that nature fills the space with something pleasant, or at least not something unpleasant.

Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk. Still, for someone who so hates snow and winter weather, I was so looking forward to weather where the first digit begins with a 7 and goes up from there.

Truly, maan tracht undt Gott lacht.


Anonymous said...

I had a trip to Israel canceled on me a couple years back, so I sorta know the feeling.

Why don't you look into doing a cruise for the last few days of your vacation (if ur husband will be up to it by then). They have some very nice 4 or 5 day cruises that may be worth doing. Its not a twelve day trip but it's better than nothing.

Lissa said...

You're taking this a lot better then I did just a few weeks ago. We were supposed to fly out on the 26th of Dec. By the time the planes were flying again my window to be away was gone. Hope you find something nice to do to take away any lingering bad taste about not doing what you wanted to do.

tesyaa said...

Refuah sheleima to your husband. The same thing happened to my parents several years ago when my mom got sick. Fortunately, they've been on several cruises in the time since then. Hope you will get your vacation at some point and warm weather too.

alpidarkomama said...

Sooooo sorry for your disappointment. :( May another opportunity come soon, soon, soon! And a refuah shleimah.

Trudy said...

Bummer! Hope your hubby has a refuah shelaimoh. No cruel intentions (you know me) but wonder if this would have happened if you'd just headed off to Las Vegas as usual? Just a thought.