Friday, January 14, 2011

Shabbos Shira--it's for the Birds

Just a reminder that for some there is the custom to put out food for the birds on Shabbos Shira. This year in the northeast the food will be especially welcome as snow is covering the ground almost everywhere. Given the snow cover, which makes it precarious for the birds to land, you might be better off hanging those bird treats from a tree branch. To make a hanging treat, use peanut butter to bind together your other offerings--things like bread/cracker crumbs, cereal, seeds, nut meats. Form the ball around a piece of string, and loop the string over a branch. The ball needs to be sticky enough to adhere to the string, so don't be chintzy with the peanut butter.


Trudy said...

Hanging on the branches would be great if I could get to those branches--snow in the yard is still drifted to way over my boot tops.

We just turned a sturdy carton upside down and anchored it firmly in the snow and then put a heavy tin of food out on top of it. The birds seem to have figured it out.

Anonymous said...

Do any bird lovers know if its true that its not a good idea to feed birds once in a while. Instead, feed consistently or not at all?

If you live in areas with coyotes which are becoming more common in urban/suburban areas, the droppings from bird feeders/bird food can attract coyotes, not to mention other unwanted or dangerous animals.

ProfK said...


For some information on your question about feeding, see the following source:

Feeding only once in a while should not create any kind of dependency, particularly if all you are doing is putting out food for Shabbos Shira.