Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something to Perk up the Blahs

While out running errands I got the unwelcome news that our area is going to be hit again with snow, for Friday and Shabbos. Although how much it's going to be will depend on how the storm veers, the talk was from 2 to 12 inches. That was enough to depress me thoroughly. And then I got home and in checking emails got a wonderful gift from one of my students that brightened the day considerably.

I seem to have a reputation as a rather strict instructor who doesn't hand out A marks like they were candy (okay, deserved but still). A major report got handed in and this student was rather nervous as to what the mark would be. It happens that the report was stellar and earned an A. When I notified the student he sent me back an email along with a link that he said pretty much illustrates how he felt while waiting to hear the mark.

I'm posting the link without further commentary because I think you'll get it when you hear what he sent me. Not bad advice for a dreary Tuesday or any other time when you wonder if it's worth it to put in all that work and not have any idea if anything will come of it.


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Here it is sung by an up and coming chazan.