Monday, October 26, 2009

God as the Ultimate Artiste

Of all of the boroughs of New York City, Staten Island has the most green area, the most parks and natural woodlands. While the population of the Island has more than doubled since we moved here, we are still a feast for the eye when it comes to nature.

Many of our streets and boulevards, particularly the older ones, are wider than in other parts of the city. And those streets are a riot of greenery. Trees have been planted by the city about every 20-25 feet on every block, including those with stores on them. And individual home owners have added tons more trees and shrubbery. Add in our natural woodland areas, part of The Greenbelt, with the wide variety of greenery, and we really do present a natural wonderland.

Many of the trees have grown to incredible heights, and you drive down our streets under a living canopy of greenery. This time of year, though, we get another wonderful visual treat: the leaves of trees and shrubbery are turning colors. Driving down the street presents you with a riot of color. We're not going from green to brown. Magenta, bright red, pink, orange of every shade, gold, bright yellows--all are present, and present in wondrous amounts. Glance down a street for a few blocks and houses disappear as mother nature catches and holds the eye.

Forget the things we buy--the most precious items right now are on display for anyone to see, free of charge. It's impossible not to praise the hand of God when faced with the wondrous sights of autumn unfurling. Many a painter has attempted to catch the vibrant colors of autumn on canvas, and some have done a fairly good job. But there is nothing like the original for beauty to take your breath away. Maybe not the season to stop and smell the roses any longer, but yes, stop and view the foliage.


Anonymous said...

This is a post that needs ... a picture! :-)


ProfK said...

I actually debated putting up a picture, and then decided against it. I think I wanted people to go OUT and see nature, not view it on the Internet.

G6 said...

Great post.
I often marvel at Hashem's generosity in giving us such a wide palette of colors in nature.