Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's a Recession Going On?

Browsing online at a site that is supposed to have somewhat reasonable prices for their merchandise, I ran across the following. Reasonable prices?!!! Are you sure there is a recession going on? And these prices are supposed to be heavily discounted; the price of the merchandise in the stores that carry them is far higher.

Site Advertisement:
Cause a riot of radiance! Join the gang of gorgeousness brandishing this bold boot by Giuseppe Zanotti™!
Be dangerously divine! Rock out in rich resonance with these exquisite boots from Giuseppe Zanotti™!
Only $1,104.00 per pair for either boot style.
Boycott boring fashion! Provoke prolific flair with these amazingly audacious boots from Giuseppe Zanotti™!
Only $1364.00 per pair.
Passionately provoke the perfect ensemble! Orchestrate an opulent array of visual mastery with these wondrous boots from Roberto Cavalli™!
Only $1029.00 per pair.
You're an alluring ace in the hole! Confidently come full circle wearing these decadently divine boots by Alexander McQueen™!
Only $1144.00 per pair.
Get on your high horse! Gallop into gratifying gorgeousness with the equestrian elegance of these exciting boots by D&G Dolce & Gabbana™!
Only $1124.80 per pair.

Just a note: I've put in bold portions of the ads above. Does someone seriously get paid for producing such drivel?


Lissa said...

This is a joke right? Something you wrote to make us laugh? What site would put something like this up:?

ProfK said...

Not a joke. Go to zappos.com, click on shoes and then on boots and you'll find all the items in the posting.

Tom said...

You'll know times are really bad when people stop buying bottled water and use the perfectly safe stuff that comes from the taps in every major city.

RS said...

Sorry Tom but the stuff out of the taps in every major city is NOT safe and/or palatable. I live in Nassau County in NY. There are enough people living in the 5 Towns area to qualify us as a major city. And there is no way you can drink the water that comes out of our taps. For one thing, it stinks like hell, and it tastes like it too. Not so sure I was joking when I told my wife I'd like a gasmask for Chanuka.

ProfK said...

I'm pretty sure that there are other predicators of how bad things are that are better indicators than whether or not people are buying and drinking bottled water. The bottled water is more of a green issue than a "greenback dollar" issue in many cases. And before you point out that tap water is "free," please note that NYC residents, at least, pay for their water, payment that has gone up and up and up in the past few years. You'd need to actually factor how much that tap water costs re the taxes, as opposed to the bottled water (which can be gotten on sale in plenty of places) and then compare prices.

I can sympathize. I have a sister in the Lawrence area and I've smelled and tasted that tap water--once was enough.What I don't understand is why, given the mega taxes that are paid in your area, some kind of treatment option has not been explored and put into affect.