Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speaking of the Flu

With fall here and winter not far behind, it's important that we should know what to do about the h1n1 flu virus expected to hit full force this year, as well as the "regular" flu. The following link has information about what the virus is, how to treat it and what to expect. http://www.cdc.gov/H1N1flu/qa.htm

Note: cleanliness is always something we should be concerned about but it's even more important during flu season. I refer to both personal hygiene and home surface cleanliness. This flu is passed by touching, which passes along the virus. Thorough hand washing is a must. Not sneezing out into the open air is a must. Keeping hands away from eyes, nose and mouth are a must. Keeping counter surfaces disinfected is a must.

In a large group your chances multiply to be exposed to and/or to be passed the virus. Extra care needs to be taken at work, at meetings, when shopping in crowded venues and certainly in school. School maintenance workers do not routinely clean the tops of students' desks as part of daily maintenance. They don't do so in work venues either. I suggest that parents speak to their children's schools and find out what means and methods the school has in place for flu prevention vis a vis cleaning the obvious surfaces where children's hands go all day. One possibility is for parents to send in a packet of alcohol-based wipes and to instruct their children in how to wipe down their desks each day. Adults at work should also do this each day. At home, bathroom and kitchen faucets and counters should be thoroughly wiped down after each use. Keep the proper cleanser out on the counter and visible so that everyone will be encouraged to do their part.

Those particularly at risk for getting the flu should speak to their doctors about getting the flu vaccinations.

When it comes to the flu, better to be safe than sorry. Better to take the extra precautions than to suffer from the flu.


miriamp said...

Don't forget doorknobs!

Staying Afloat said...

My kids' school installed Purell dispensers everywhere, and the kids have to use them as they go into their rooms. I know you can get Purell keychains that can attach to backpacks. I didn't think of the desk thing.

Leahle said...

And would you like to bet that if schools do start doing some extra cleaning that there won't be a letter going home to parents that an extra charge is going to be made for that extra cleaning?

halachic input needed said...

How fortunate we are that we have halochos that mandate much, if not all, of such relevant hygiene measures already built into our lifestyle, yet another way in which observance of our sacred heritage protects us from lurking dangers, Hashem yiracheim.

Ashreinu, mah tov chelkeinu....!