Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Flu Revisited

A few weeks ago I did a posting about some basic hygiene methods to use in helping to prevent the spread of the two types of flu expected to hit us full force this year. Well, that flu onslaught has begun, as reports are pouring in about those who have gotten the flu, particularly the H1N1 version.

Herewith a few pieces of information that you may not know about. First, there is a test that can show if you have the H1N1 flu. However, that test goes through three stages in the process of "percolating." It is possible for the first stage or even the second stage to show no flu while the third stage will. This just happened to one of my nieces. At the point that the test said this was definitely the H1N1 my niece didn't need the information any longer; it was obvious that she, her husband and her two kids all had this flu. But, and here's where you need to watch out, during the time when the doctor said she didn't have the H1N1, she spent a lot of time in her mom's house. The result is that now everyone in my sister's house has also come down with the H1N1. According to the doctor, the contagious period of the H1N1 is about 5-7 days, possibly even a little longer, so long before you might get back any positive test results you can be infecting others.

I recommended in the previous posting that hands and sinks should be routinely sanitized to guard against spreading the flu. There are a few other areas that would benefit from constant sanitizing: light switches, telephones and control boxes for various pieces of equipment such as computers and televisions.

Re schools, it would be a really good idea if schools were to report to parents immediately if there are any cases of H1N1 among its students. If someone in your child's class has the H1N1, it might be beneficial to put a moratorium on group activities outside of school with fellow classmates for a week or so.


Juggling Frogs said...

Don't forget to add mezzuzot to the list of things commonly touched by hands (most notably, children's hands.)

(Some touch the mezzuza, then kiss their hands, but others do it in reverse.)

Lion of Zion said...

it would also be a good idea if schools taught kids to wash with soap in addition to נטילת ידים

SubWife said...

Also good to know that hand washing is not as effective against flu as it is against cold viruses.