Monday, August 3, 2009

Off We Go...

We're leaving tomorrow out to LV for a week. Hopefully our dream house will materialize faster than our present house is selling. Stay well all, and don't do anything I wouldn't do (which leaves you all with a lot of leeway!).

I'm leaving a few postings to pop up here and there just in case anyone is desperate for reading matter. Enjoy!


Lion of Zion said...

good luck
i heard that nevada is one of the country's leaders of foreclosures. hopefully you'll find a good מציאה

Rae said...

Enjoy! Hope you're planning some time for fun too.

PS: did you get the coupons I sent for the shows?

SuperRaizy said...

Good luck!

Zev said...

It's so strange but I'm also going to be in Las Vegas this week. Just think, I could be sitting in one of the restaurants and you could be right at the next table and I wouldn't know it. Don't suppose you would consider wearing a name tag with Prof K on it?

Just a question too. Which restaurant do you recommend for fleishigs?

ProfK said...

Yes about the coupons and thanks.

Your best bet is Haifa for fleishigs. About a 5-10 minute drive from center strip. For milchigs or pareve you can't beat Panini although it's a bit further out.