Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Those Who Don't Know Why

Ever since we've made it official that we are going to move as soon as is possible to Las Vegas, Nevada, we have been getting all kinds of questions. Of course, the first question is "Why???" And then come the questions about what there could possible be in Las Vegas for frum Jews. I've got my patter pretty much downpat in answer to the questions, but for any of you who have been thinking the "Why?" question, go here http://www.walk2shul.com/lif_articles/las-vegas-jewish-community.php and get an idea. And to update the story, there is now a girls elementary school, which began last year, and a boys high school, also begun last year.

We were just in Las Vegas two weeks ago , and yes, the price differences are somewhat amazing. Even most kosher food costs less than in NY. We were at Smiths and purchased extra large deli hoagie sandwiches, super stuffed, for between $4.50-5.00 a sandwich. Potato salad was $2.49 a pound. Fruits and vegetables (coming from the nearby California growing fields) were far less than what we pay in NY. When was the last time that you got nice sized oranges at 5 for $1.00? Or cherries at 69 cents a pound? Or lettuce at 99 cents a head? Car gasoline was almost 50 cents a gallon cheaper than what we paid in NY.

What the article doesn't tell you is that there is no state tax in Nevada, and no city tax in Las Vegas. Yes, there is a sales tax--8%. Still cheaper than in NY. So no, as one unkind person here in the neighborhood commented, we haven't had our "brains fried" by the desert sun.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked Las Vegas. I never could live somewhere that hot since the heat wipes me out, but the sunshine, reasonable prices and low taxes, community, and fresh fruits and veggies sound wonderful. I also imagine that you famiy will love to visit during the winter months. Best of luck with your move and selling your house.

Anonymous said...

best of luck with your move whatever your reasons. I hope you'll still blog from there ;-)

Malky said...

We just got back from a vacation in Las Vegas and had such a great time we are already planning another trip there. (and tks for all the info you emailed me!)

We took advantage of the Shabbos hospitality program through one of the shuls. Can't believe just how friendly everyone was and how welcoming.

And yes, I noticed the prices in the supermarkets also. Thought I had gone back in time 5 years.

Good luck with the move!

JS said...

"dessert sun"

Sounds tasty. :)

ProfK said...

Sigh, JS. Correction made.

Anonymous said...

As someone who grew up on the west coast, let me turn the question around. Why would one want to live in the greater NYC area? Admittedly, there are some nice Jewish amenities, but the weather is terrible and the urban sprawl of NY is revolting. Furthermore, some of us don't consider being surrounded by a gargantuan Jewish community an inherent good.

elm said...

I live here in Las Vegas and would like to correct a couple things.The Albertson's in Anthem has closed their kosher section.The Tari and Shalom Hunan Restaurants closed a while back.
The Ohr Bamidbar shul as far as I know doesn't have much of a congregation left and doesn't have a minyan during the week.Unfortunately my community has not grown over the past few years and in fact most of the young couples have left because of the school and social situation for their kids.The communities are very spread apart so there really isn't any walking from one are to another on Shabbos.If anyone plans on moving here,I wouldn't mind answering any questions you have.Especially about certain communities/shuls.