Sunday, August 16, 2009

7 Things I Love

Bad4 tagged me while I was gone for a meme on seven things I like. Herewith seven things I love.

1. Reading. It matters not at all if I adore what I am reading, although loving the reading matter is better than not, but the very thought of curling up with words on a page causes me great anticipatory pleasure. I'd say I'm one of the few who loved getting reading assignments in school.

2. The Great Outdoors. My husband divides the world into "God's Country" and "Man's Creations." Now granted, there are some awesome pieces of architecture out there. But for real love, show me God's wonders. I'd rather stare out my sliding doors at the nature on display than watch/see just about anything else. And as much as I love reading--and yes, poetry--I subscribe to the idea that "I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree."

3. The Unknown. Don't get me wrong: I like and need a certain amount of order and predictability to my life. I like knowing that tomorrow will follow today in the way I expect it to. BUT...I love knowing that what I have today is not all there is. I love the idea that there are experiences and pleasures that are still out there. I can appreciate what I have now while still expecting that "the best is yet to be."

4. Conversation. No big surprise but I like to talk with people. Words forge connections. Conversations bring knowledge. Conversation can make friends out of strangers. Talking with each other rather than at each other is a way to expand what I know and who I know.

5. The Internet. This one ties in with 1,3 and 4 above. And it doesn't hurt that the Internet has on more than one occasion saved me tons of time, aggravation and money. It's connected me to people I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet. It's given me easy access to resources I might not otherwise have been able to get to. It lets me get to the unknown on my schedule--and to leave if I don't like what I'm seeing. And that I can enjoy its treasures while in a comfy robe and slippers sipping a cup of coffee is also part of its appeal. The Internet doesn't care if I'm wearing the right clothes.

6. First Days or Starting Over. Even though the first day back at school can be fraught with tension, it's also filled with great possibilities. Every term beginning I fully believe that everything will go just as it should and be even better than I can imagine. Every Rosh Hashanah, every Yom Kippur, every New Years Day I fire up with enthusiasm, with thanks that I've been given another chance to get things right. I love when the monthly calendar goes back to starting with one--another chance to work things out, to get another chance at perfection of self and actions.

7. Love. Yes, I love the idea that in real life I'm not limited to seven things I can love. I like knowing that what I loved 50 years ago or even 50 days ago does not have to define me today, because I'm free to love something else that fits where I am in life. Or I'm free to continue loving something that I've had from birth--my mom, my kids. Or a love that continues to grow and change over the years--my husband. I love the knowledge that real love is possible--something not just on the surface but deeply felt.

And yes (add giggle) I love that I'm now going to tag Ezzie, Wolf, Lion, G6, Harryer, and Sefardi Lady to tell the world about seven things they love.

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