Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Learned By Accident

You know the best way to get super hard avocados to ripen within one day? The same with those super hard melons? Forget brown paper bags. Accidentally forget them in your car trunk, parked on a sunny street with temperatures in the 90s. Normally it takes those avocados and melons 3-5 days at standard room temperature to get to eating consistency. Leaving them in the trunk shrunk the time to way less than 24 hours.

Granted, I didn't do this on purpose, but aren't some of the best discoveries those that came about by accident? I think I may just have discovered an emergency tool to use, especially in warm weather, for items I need to use for Shabbos that aren't getting ripe enough fast enough. I mean, why not? The car is just sitting there anyway--it might as well be earning its keep even when I'm not driving it.

Note: it just could be that I picked out a top of the line avocado, but that trunk-ripened avocado was one of the best tasting, creamiest avocados I've had in ages.


Sam said...

You better not be joking about this because I'm going to try it. Figure I have nothing to lose. We've had a melon sitting here since Shabbos that is still hard as a rock. If this works I may bless you.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to keep fruit from ripening too fast. So many types of fruit -- bananas, tomatos, peaches, etc. get ruined in the fridge. Now that it's hot out, I've been having to throw out a lot of stuff that seems to rot on the counter overnight. Yes, I keep them in a darkish area. I only can grocery shop once a week and would love to have fruit last throughout the week so we can have some healthy snacks.

y said...

here in England a trunk is a cylinder shaped structure attached to the ground, it's brown (usually) and it's wooden.
I guess either trunk can serve the same purpose when it comes to avacado ripening. Enjoy the fruits of your labour ;-)

mlevin said...

Well, yesterday I bought two avocados in the store and they were obviously sitting in the heat, although in a shade all day. They were nice and soft, on one side, and hard as a nail on another. And they tasted awful all over. My avocado salad was ruined.

ProfK said...

Sorry, but I forgot that I have some readers from England. Of course, had I said that I left those avocados in the boot to ripen, I'd have had my American readers wondering if I'd lost my mind.