Sunday, August 31, 2008

Too Hot to Handle

Fire and the frum community have been closely related in too many cases. Ditto for burns from hot appliances used for Shabbos and Yom Tov. I found a really informative website made just for Jewish people, dealing with fire prevention and burn prevention. The organization responsible for the website is based in Baltimore, and they've done a great service for members of the Jewish community everywhere.

The name of the site is Maccabee Aish Jewish Fire Prevention. The url is There is also a toll free phone number: 877-585-1226. There are special sections on the site for children, parents and teachers. The aims of this organization are as follows: "Maccabee Aish is committed to encourage fire safety and fire prevention, and to provide educational programs for the Jewish community to help reduce personal injury, property damage, and loss of life resulting from increased fire exposure due to frequent participation in rituals that involve fire...Maccabee Aish was founded to reduce the fire and burn risk that the Jewish community faces by addressing the unique fire safety and prevention needs of this special population."

With the calendar year of holidays beginning again quite soon, holidays where the opportunity for fire and burns to happen is magnified, a look at this site's offerings and tips would be time very well spent.


Anonymous said...

My first child is going to school this year and this posting raised a question for me. Do the yeshivas have regular fire drills? When I went to register my son I don't remember seeing any signs on doors saying emergency exits. I also don't remember seeing any posters up in the younger classrooms about fire and burn safety. Thanks for this reminder because now I'm going to ask the school what they have in place for such an emergency.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if this site has posters available? Maybe one of our talented artistic people could do a fire/burn safety poster good for schools and homes and maybe an altruistic printer would make up the copies as a service to the community. Every classroom should have such a poster regardless of the age of the students as a reminder that fire/heat can hurt.

A Living Nadneyda said...

The B'Terem organization has general information, including fire safety, car safety, and household safety. The Hebrew site has much more information.