Friday, August 29, 2008

Link to Literature

The following is a link to yet another great online site for literature. The full text of each literary work is available at the site.

According to the site "We offer a large collection of classic books, plays, and short stories by authors such as Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare and many others. You can read, search and even add your own annotations to any of the classic books. A selection of author biographies and portraits are also made available. All functions of this site are free to use although some functions require free registration.
Our collection of classic stories currently contains 3464 works of literature (including 1998 short stories) by 343 authors."

The site is searchable by author or by title.

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Anonymous said...

My kids get summer reading homework from their school but it's open ended with the choice left up to them. Your lists and links have been terrific for us. We all read way more then was assigned for the summer. And the best advertising for why the lists were important may be my daughter's comment that "Just because the sumjmer is over does that mean we can't read more on the computer, because I still have things I want to read on there." Thanks!