Friday, May 2, 2008

For Pizza Lovers

I did some investigating of sites online that have pizza recipes. The site below is one of the better ones I found. The instructions for making the pizza dough are illustrated and there are a variety of dough recipes available. They also have recipes for the sauces and toppings. And it sure beats buying a specialized pizza cookbook where you may or may not like/need the recipes given.


Leora said...

I'd be interested to hear if you use a pizza stone and whether one is worth buying. Also, what kind of flour you use? I use Hecker's Unbleached (I like the 'unbleached'), but the link recommends high-gluten.

I make homemade pizza a "quickish" way (I'll post it one day), but my daughter complains it doesn't taste like the pizza parlor kind.

ProfK said...

I didn't get the pizza stone because of no place to store it for one thing. It was also way more money then the plain pizza baking pan.

Re the flour, I also use Heckers. One of my kids has a problem with gluten tolerance so I never use the high gluten flours and the recipes seem to work fine without it.

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