Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've already stated my retirement from making shidduchim. There were many reasons for doing so, not the least of which was the craziness that is now a part of the dating formula.

Thanks to Brooklyn Wolf for posting "Is This The Newest Dating Craze... Don't Compliment Your Date?" It offers some excellent reasons for keeping away from the whole dating mess, for shadchanim and for daters as well.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could understand the younger generation but I really can't. My husband's age group were taught to make a nice compliment without making it overly personal. Even "What a pretty shade of blue" was some sort of recognition of us as people. My niece spends about 2 hours getting ready for a date, what with hair and makeup and clothing and all. When I asked her if the boys noticed and told her how nice she looked she was really shocked. I think her words were along the line of They aren't supposed to be looking at things like that! What? Then why are they dating instead of just faxing each other some information? And why is she going through all those hours if the boys aren't supposed to be looking. She's 20 and I really think that with this attitude she is not ready to be out in shidduchim. But what do I know--I'm from the old dark ages.