Monday, December 13, 2010

Yeah, I Have Oil on the Brain

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a proponent of using sprayed oil instead of poured oil wherever possible in cooking. Less oil used equals less fat calories consumed. For Chanukah this year I decided to get everybody into the spray oil mode but with a difference: I bought for the couples who would be in my home for Chanukah and for the singles living on their own stainless steel spray bottles made for spraying oil. It's funny how many didn't know that such bottles were available or who were meaning to buy such a bottle but never got around to it.

Sure, Chanukah has passed, but there are still many gift giving occasions during the year where this type of bottle would be a great gift. And if you need a more expensive gift, buy that person a couple of bottles. Some of us use more than one kind of oil in our cooking. And then there is Pesach, where such a bottle comes in handy as well. I bought extras to use as hostess gifts. Unlike a bottle of wine that is here today gone tomorrow, these bottles are the gifts that keep on giving.

Note: these bottles work equally as well in spraying the various types of vinegars people might use. To find the bottles, head on over to


Abba's Rantings said...

we bought one after you posted about it last year, but it didn't work well

tesyaa said...

Abba's Rantings - we had the same exact situation. I had high hopes about saving all the money I was spending on Pam, but it didn't pan out (pun intended).

ProfK said...

Sorry it didn't work out for you guys. Just keep in mind that some of the bottles you buy to fill yourself work a bit differently than those you buy ready filled. Some of the bottles have a pump cap. You need to depress that cap fully for about 4 to 7 times to build the air pressure in the bottle so that it will spray.

And after you use up a bottle's worth of the oil you need to wash out the spray part of the bottle, something that you don't worry about with the disposables, but oil buildup can cause the sprayer to work less efficiently.

A friend bought a tiny bottle of liquid lecithin--the ingredient in the purchased sprays that makes them spray the oil--and adds a couple of drops to her bottle. She says it works like a dream.

The Misto brand bottles work as I've just described, needing the pumping.

Abba's Rantings said...

yes, we bought a misto. it just didn't seem to spray right, even with a lot of pumping. and it spit more than sprayed.

BiggestFish said...

Are you sure you are using less oil when you spray? I have read, not that I know it is true, that when you put more oil in the pan the food absorbs less oil, and if you put in a small amount of oil the food absorbs more oil. I just use olive oil when I make eggs, and put in alot so the eggs don't stick to the pan.