Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tidbits from the Past

Some tidbits from the past that happened in the week of December 25-31.

25 William the Conqueror is crowned the King of England. (1066)
26 James Mason invents the coffee percolator. (1865)
27 Radio City Music Hall in New York City opens. (1932)
28 William F. Semple patented chewing gum. (1869)
30 Edwin Hubble announces the existence of other galactic systems. (1924) Yes, the Hubble telescope was later named after him.

Note to readers: Hopefully the calendar function is going to cooperate and stop mixing up the postings scheduled. I've fixed today's posting--here's hoping about the rest.


ChadashAsur said...

Hey I think the Challenger was Jan. 28.

Love your blog BTW.

ChadashAsur said...

Actually - I think they are all January...

ProfK said...

Thanks ChadashAsur. I had hoped I had fixed a glitch in the calendar function I'm using, but apparently not. Yes, these are all for these dates but in January, and they weren't supposed to post until then either.

Thanks for the kind words about the blog.