Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Petition Worth Signing

No one has ever called the UN a bastion of objective truth. UNESCO, as part of the UN, clearly needs an "English teacher lesson" on the difference between fiction and non-fiction. The link below is to a petition protesting UNESCO's "ruling that Israel has no right to add the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, where almost all of Israel's patriarchs and matriarchs are buried, to the National Heritage list. It also protests " the decision by UNESCO to re-label as an Islamic mosque the tomb of Rachel, Israel's other matriarch, and to demand that Israel remove the site from its National Heritage list."

There are almost 23,000 signatures to date. Whatever the outcome will be--and given that this is the UN we are talking about that outcome may not be what we would want it to be--let the UN clearly understand and see that thousands upon thousands of people know the truth and are willing to say so. Whatever UNESCO is peddling, truth isn't it.

And please take a moment to send the link to those on your email list. This is one way to let our voices be heard.


Anonymous said...

You really think the UN is going to give a damn about this petition? Only way it might, maybe might make an impression on them is if the signatures all have last names like Bertolli and Ryan. As long as all the signatures are of the Shvartz and Cohen type they can dismiss it as being what you would expect the Jews to say and who cares what the Jews say.

ProfK said...

So get busy Anonymous. Send the link to every Christian non-Jew you know and ask them to sign it. They also include the Patriarchs and Matriarchs as part of their religious history. And when they take a trip to the Holy Land they aren't going to be any too pleased either to find that they can't gain entry to two religious sites that are part of their belief system, and that the UN has declared that they aren't really part of that religious history.

Is this a Jewish issue? Not entirely. And the "truth" that needs telling is non-sectarian here. Obviously we Jews have a great stake in this, but we aren't the only ones.

Yossi said...

Sure I'm gonna sign the petition. But will it make a difference? The problem isn't really that it's a Judeo/Christian versus muslim right to the places. It's that the places are in Israel, and we all know the UN attitude towards Israel. If it can screw Israel in some way it's going to do so. Doesn't mean that we shouldn't sign the petition. We're coming up on Chanukah and we see that sometimes miracles can happen.

Abba's Rantings said...


"You really think the UN is going to give a damn about this petition?"

no, but you could have signed the petitition in the same time it took to leave your comment