Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Daylight Reminder

Just a reminder that we are now back on Standard Time instead of Daylight Savings Time. There may be a whole lot of clocks in your home that do not automatically set back for Standard Time, and you'll need to manually adjust the time. Most shabbos clocks fall into this category. Failure to adjust the clocks just might lead to having a "romantic" Friday night dinner by candlelight next week. Also, the clocks in your cars won't reset themselves, nor will most wristwatches.

From personal experience, having used a clock that wasn't set back and having arrived an hour early for a simcha, go room by room and make sure all the clocks read the same. And yes, the rule is "Spring Ahead, Fall Back."

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Kayla said...

Before I went to bed last night around 11:30 I reset all the clocks except for a few in bedrooms where kids were already sleeping. My hubby, going to bed later than I did, reset his personal clocks, including a few I had already reset. My son, going to bed after the clock change decided to help out mom and dad and changed all the clocks he could find. So this morning no one was on the same time. We weren't the only ones--men were coming into minyan this morning all confused, either too early or too late for their regular minyan. Whose brilliant idea was DST?!