Monday, July 6, 2009

So, Where Is It?

Back in September of 2008 there was a very public to do about the Sexual Abuse Task Force that Dov Hikind was forming to investigate child abuse in the yeshiva system. If you will remember R' Benzion Twerski was supposed to spearhead that Task Force but resigned after threats were made against his family. Hikind promised that the Task Force would still go forward.

Okay, it's now the beginning of July. Anyone out there with any knowledge that such a task force exists, existed or did anything with the knowledge that Hikind publicly proclaimed that he had about "hundreds" of cases of such abuse? Back then I made a comment that I hoped and prayed would be proven to be wrong, wrong, wrong: I said that "when I hear a politician is forming yet another commission, I don't hold out much hope for any action being taken."

So, please make my day and tell me that that Task Force is out there and working hard at ridding us of the predators who have been shielded for so long. Some good news coming out of Klal would be nice for a change.


Michal said...

Politicians love to get their names in the papers and on the air. I honestly don't remember hearing or seeing anything about this in any of the media. If the commission was doing anything actively you would think Hikind's name would appear somewhere.

Yet another important thing that has gotten put to the side?

Ari said...

Did some googling to see what came up and the most recent seems to be this article with this title attached "Hikind Retreating On Tough Tactics Against Molesters"

The article gives some of the details but the title seems to say it all.