Sunday, July 26, 2009

A "Singles" Event That's a Little Bit Different

I received the following notice via email and it struck me as being the type of program that a lot of people who would otherwise not consider a weekend for "singles" might consider, particularly since it's not exclusively for singles. Some of the topics sound fascinating.

49th Annual AOJS Summer Convention
Shabbos Nachamu Weekend
July 31st-August 2nd, 2009
The Heritage Resort & Spa
Southbury, CT

Only 90 minutes from NYC!

Presentations include:

Topic: Genesis & the Blueprints of Creation: From Cosmic Bigness to Quantum Smallness
Speaker: Stuart Weinberg, MD

Topic: Reish Lakish: The Value and Perspective of an O'ker Harim
Speaker: Rabbi Nachman Cohen, PhD; Chairman, Board of Governors, AOJS

Topic: Darwinian Thought in Non-biological Sciences
Speaker: Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg, PhD

Topic: Speed Reading: Using the Myers-Briggs Technique to Know Yourself & Others
Speaker: Naomi Mark, LCSW

Topic: Resolving Conflicts between Science and Religion
Speaker: Jared Plitt, DDS

Topic: Medical Ethical & Halachic Aspects of Advanced Directives
Speaker: Robert Schulman , MD

Topic: Tisha B'Av, Energy Medicine & the Epigenome
Speaker: Heshie Klein, MD

Topic: Enhancing Communications & Relationships at Home & at Work
Speakers: Marcy Schaffer , PhD & Sylvan Schaffer, JD, PhD

Topic: The Truth about the Vaccine Autism Controversy
Speaker: Susan Schulman, MD

Topic: Nachamu, Nachamu, Tell Me a Story: Stories of Wisdom that Build Relationships
Speaker: Chana-Chaya Klein, MSEd

Topic: Good Relationships: Searching for Support & Comfort in Hard Times
Speaker: Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, PhD

Topic: Pay or Pray: Ethics of Organ Transplant Compensation
Speaker: Allen J. Bennett, MD

Topic: Was Birchas HaChamah Recited on the Right Day? Rambam on Astronomy & the Luach
Speaker: Jeremy Wertheimer, PhD

Topic: Logic Bubble & Objective Truth Seeker: How to Analyze Beliefs
Speaker: Zev Greenblatt, BS

Symposium: A Torah-Informed Evaluation of Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Topic: Theology of Randomness: A Torah Perspective on the Theory of Evolution
Speaker: Rav Moshe Tendler, PhD

Topic: An Evolving Theory: From Darwin to the Present
Speaker: Avi Rosenberg, PhD

Topic: Computing Phylogenetic Trees from Sequence Similarities
Speaker: Jeremy Wertheimer, PhD

Topic: Evolution of Man's Psychology
Speaker: Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, PhD

Panel Discussion:
Avi Rosenberg, PhD
Moshe D. Tendler, PhD
Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, PhD
Jeremy Wertheimer, PhD
Moderator: Nisan Hershkowitz, DDS

Special Singles' Program directed by Naomi Mark, LCSW & Aryela Rosenberg, DDS

You need not be a scientist to attend!

Double Occupancy: $375/person ALL TAXES & GRATUITIES INCLUDED!
Single Occupancy: $550/ person ALL TAXES & GRATUITIES INCLUDED!

Register now! Limited availability! Over 80% of rooms already sold!

Contact: (718) 969-3669 or

AOJS National Office:
Rabbi Yossi Bennett, Executive Director
1011 Moss Place, Lawrence, NY 11559

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