Sunday, June 14, 2009

Living in the Rust Belt

I'm well aware that those in the Western states would probably kill for the weather NY has been getting. No, I'm not being totally ungrateful for all the rain; the reservoirs are full and drought here is so not going to be a problem. But I'm reminded of a t-shirt we once bought in Seattle. It said on it: "This isn't a tan--I'm rusting!" And a wet NY is so not a nice place to be. Apologies to the writer of the original lyrics but "Hot time! Summer in the City. Muggy, humid, wet, and it sure ain't pretty!"

My hubby has been trying without success to find a dry day to mow the lawn before it starts resembling an African delta. And along with all the rain that is spurring grass growth has come that bane to a gardener's existence--clover popping up in patches across the lawn. We'd almost become resigned to the fact that getting rid of the clover wasn't going to happen. And then this afternoon I had a couple of my woodland visitors and voila! clover problem solved.

Our bachelor hare from last summer season has clearly found a mate, and they came down from the woods to check out the goodies. Obviously clover is an epicurean delight for these hares. They spent close to an hour systematically eating off the clover blossoms. By the time they left there was only a stray clover blossom here and there left.

Living proof that one man's poison is another man's meat.


Lion of Zion said...

"My hubby has been trying without success to find a dry day to mow the lawn"

oh stop it. we all know that jews don't mow lawns. we either let them grow wild or hire mexicans to do it for us.

Ruvi said...

Totally rolling at Lion's comment! The week we bought our house I bought a lawnmower and attacked the forest growing wild in the front. A neighbor from down the street came over and in a combination of English, broken Spanish and mime asked me how much I took and could I do her lawn next. She was in total shock when I introduced myself.

Anonymous said...

Here in Florida, the lawn mowing guys always mow whenever they come, wet or dry, rain or shine.

Hardly anyone does their own lawn here, it's just way too hot for half the year and that's when it grows the most.


ProfK said...

The lawn people keep their schedules rain or shine because they don't want to lose out on their money. It is NOT the best thing for the grass. Any horticultural guide will tell you that mowing wet grass, particularly if the ground is water saturated, will result in clumps of grass being ripped up. Such lawns require overseeding to keep a lush look because new growth and old growth will be ripped out in the wet mowing process.