Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Schools versus Parents, yet again

It's not exactly a secret that I believe that schools are competing with "biological progenitors" (that's moms and dads) for who will be supreme in a child's life. Brooklyn Wolf at wolfishmusings has put up a posting that I think illustrates that the competition is real and that it has some really unsavory aspects.

Destroying A Young Person's Respect For Their Parents


Anonymous said...

I wonder why it has never occured to some of these rabbanim that some children are not going off the derech, they are being pushed off the derech by having to choose between their parents whom they live and the yeshivas.

Anonymous said...

ooops sorry, love not live

concernedjewgirl said...

It is so interesting to me that people that are frum from birth feel the same way that parents that are not even frum feel. My parents are not frum. My brother and I are. They always felt like we were rebelling against them. Interesting that they were right all along.