Monday, October 29, 2012

When Old Technology is Needed

Prepping for the storm, what came up with many people was the fear that they would be without phones if the storm knocked out their electric power or disabled the city's cell phone towers.  Many people have replaced those "old" phones with new electric plug-in models or use their cell phones instead of having a house number.  No, we too have those electric models.  However, we also kept one of the old Princess phones, which remains plugged into a phone jack.

The benefit of that old phone is that it is not affected by an electrical outage.  Only if your phone lines go down will you not have phone service, and there are many areas of the city, such as ours, where phone lines are now underground precisely so heavy winds and rain can't rip them down.

A bit late to go shopping now for such an "old" phone, but it's something you might think of acquiring after the storm is over.  Electrical outages in the NYC area don't require a major hurricane to occur--I can't remember a summer yet where we have not had areas of the city or the whole city without power for a while.  Besides, think of the joy and fun of introducing your kids to some old technology that can nonetheless save the day when new technology is laid low.  No, they (and you) won't be able to text on those phones or play games on those phones, but you'll be able to be in contact with others or summon help in an emergency--and isn't that really the point of a phone?


tesyaa said...

You know, I have an old phone like that which we still use, but in the blackout of 2003, it didn't function.

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