Monday, October 29, 2012

On Fridges and Freezers

Just another bit of info on storm damage and what to do.  If power goes out, refrigerators and freezers, full of food, will have no way to remain at proper temperatures for extended periods of times.  Go to the following site to get some info on keeping food safe during a power outage and on what can be kept and what should be thrown out.

The article also mentioned something I hadn't thought of.  Many of us have picnic coolers that we use for outdoor adventures.  They're a good tool to use when the power is out in the house.

Here's hoping we'll have to use none of this info, but just in case, better prepared than sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Also- I don't know if anyone is in Brooklyn- but Glatt Mart is offering freezer space to those in the community whose power is out.