Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It isn't all Alzheimer's

I have yet to speak with anyone who seriously has decided that they want to die at 40 or so to avoid the trials and tribulations of older age.  That being so, there are some things we should know about so we can avoid some of those trials and tribulations.  Whether you are yourself already a bit older or are in the position of having family members who are, the following link has some information that is useful.  We've long known that good eating habits and good general habits can benefit us.  The article tells you why and more.


abba's rantings said...

interesting article. tzarich iyun.
dementia sucks

Miami Al said...

It's amazing what the impacts are of the American diet... we've conquered actual poverty (you can declare a poverty line, but poor Americans suffer from obesity, not starvation, that's a huge change from anywhere in the world half a century ago), but now suffer from "diseases of civilization." The human body wasn't build for the plenty we experience in today's life.

However, the article is incorrect about Alzheimer's disease. Researchers have developed beta blockers that stop the formation of the brain plaque that Alzheimer's patients development, with no impact on neurological decline.

We don't know the cause of these things yet, but we know that most neurological conditions result in brain cellular death.

We do know that the better your vascular health, the better your blood flow, and the less deterioration EVERYWHERE. We also know that healthy nutrition helps the brain build brain cells and build brain synapses, and bad nutrition prevents this.

Whole grains + oily fish is missing in most American diets, and the nutrients in those two components are among the key things missing in many American diets.

Less unhealthy oil, more healthy oil (in moderate quantities for caloric reasons) is key to brain AND vascular health. Also, some fat with each meal is important, since some vitamins are fat soluble, and you can't process them without any fat.

If the only fish you eat is gefilte, I would suggest switching from the who knows what "white fish" mixtures to the salmon ones. I'm not sure how many of the healthy fats survive into the grinding process, but at least there is a shot since it starts off there.