Sunday, March 4, 2012

A New Holiday--as if there weren't already enough of 'em

I've had postings up before about some of the strange days that have been declared as holidays in the secular calendar. This year I've decided to start one of those special days of my own. I have a feeling it really might catch on, particularly among balabostas in the run-up to Pesach. I'm designating that day for Tuesday, March 13th.

I'm calling that day "No, I Won't! Day" The premise is a fairly simple one. Anything and everything that might possibly be connected in any way whatsoever to preparing for Pesach is totally and completely forbidden. Making lists of any kind? Strictly forbidden. Shopping for anything that is Pesach related? Strictly forbidden? Cleaning? Doesn't exist then. The only thing that anyone has to do on that day is treat him or her self to a break from the oncoming madness. Strictly forbidden on this holiday is any worrying about what has to be done the next day.

As the old advertising slogan used to say "You deserve a break today!"

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Trudy said...

But the question is, are you really going to observe this new holiday you're establishing? I mean fully observe it? Not sure I believe you can get through a whole day that close to Pesach without thinking about it.