Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Funny Money

Lest we think that it is only Klal that comes up with some truly strange things to throw money at, I should mention that Klal is in good company with the Federal Government.

The NIH has given a psychology professor in Kentucky a huge chunk of money (The grant information shows the government launched the project with a $181,406 award in January 2010. It added the $175,587 cited by Neumann in 2011 and another $175,211 in February 2012. The study is slated to continue through January 2015) for research purposes.

What is the research this professor is doing? He is studying the connection between cocaine and the sex habits of Japanese quail.

Now, don't you feel all warm and cozy about what is being done with your tax dollars?


Allan said...

Okay then, are they getting this from us or are we getting it from them? Or maybe somebody should be studying if something in the air in the eastern part of the country has an effect on common sense and its relationship to money.

nmf #7 said...

Not to say that the research is worth something, but the research was presented as follows:
- He needed a model to study sex habits, and it seems that quail are highly studied for that purpose
- He would like to study if cocaine causes compulsive addictions to sex, or change in sex habits. Albeit I don't know what the legal uses for cocaine are- but if there is a legal use for cocaine, then that would be a reason for this study.
He's not studying quail- he's using them as a model.