Sunday, September 11, 2011

Was it the Boy's Schools or the Girl's Schools?

Back in August of 2009 I wrote this posting about education for males and females. It involved some rumors that the Bais Yaakov of Boro Park was going to be closing down.

One of the questions I asked in that posting was about "equal treatment" of boys and girls yeshivas. If there is only X amount of money to pay in tuition, will that X amount get divided equally between boys and girls yeshivas, or will boys yeshivas get more of the money?

I'm asking that question again because of some recent happenings. I know that the Bat Torah yeshiva for girls closed down. Fairly certain that Shulamith in Midwood isn't open. It seems to me that all the rumors that have been flying lately--some confirmed and some not--have been about girls yeshivas that are closing. Anyone know as a fact of a boys yeshiva that closed down for this year?

If, as I'm coming to suspect, it's the girls yeshivas that are being allowed to close down while money is being funneled into the boys yeshivas, I believe we have a real problem brewing. Some of the commenters on the original posting alluded to that problem as well. What's the problem? We're going to be creating a two-classed system whereby some of our children will be Jewishly educated and some will not. If girls yeshiva education is what loses when push comes to shove, what are we teaching our children about their value to us and to Klal?

Please, please don't bring me examples from pre-war Europe to support this type of attitude--that was then, and this is now. Educating our girls has long been inculcated into us as a requirement.

So, someone who knows the information as a fact, what schools have closed down, and were they a girls school or a boys school? Also, did any coed school fail to open?


Mark said...

I don't see anyone complaining about boys learning for 5 years after graduating high school while girls only learn for a year. Seems to be well accepted, even today, that girls require less in the way of limudei kodesh than boys do.

In my community (MO), it's much more balanced. Specifically in the schools my children attend, the boys and girls have an almost identical curriculum. And after high school they each attend yeshiva and seminary respectively for a year.

alb said...

I can't say for sure about Shulamith high school in Midwood (is it in the same building as the elementary?) but I do know for a fact that the elementary school is open. Someone I know works there.