Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ahead of the Game

In case you haven't looked at a Jewish calendar lately, let me be the one to give you the good news--Yom Tov is pretty much around the corner. And this year the calendar is chock full of three-day yom tov/Shabbos combinations.

Now, with most people off for the Labor Day extended weekend, is a good time to sit down with your personal calendar and make some plans. Have clothing that is going to need a trip to the cleaners? Make it this week and take some of the pressure off of yourself erev yom tov. Now is also a good time to shop ahead for those items that will stay fine between now and yom tov. But if you are going to be shopping ahead then save yourself a real headache and make up your menus now so you know just what it is that you have to purchase.

Now is the time to figure out just when you are going to be able to put up your sukkah. Now is the time to figure out when you are going to squeeze in haircuts for everyone. Now is the time to shop for any clothing necessities. Even with planning ahead, time is going to be at a premium for those who work. Give yourself some breathing room and figure out your schedule for the next weeks now.

If you have the freezer space now is also a good time to bake or cook some items ahead so that there is less to have to squeeze in before yom tov.

In short, it's no use to pretend that yom tov isn't coming as soon as it is. Want to have an enjoyable yom tov? Start now!

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