Thursday, June 2, 2011

There's A Sucker Born Every Minute

I don't usually write postings that take to task other communities for their culinary habits. I am sort of making an exception with this posting. My offspring sent me a copy of a Kosher Koupons offer--pay only $99 instead of the regular price of $125 for the "incredible" package described below. The deal is for a kosher restaurant in the NJ area, not south but north. The restaurant describes itself as being "middle fancy."

Deal Overview
Here's a Shavuos meal that you can proudly admit that you didn't cook yourself.

How much would you pay for:
2 Large Egg Challahs
2 Water challah twist rolls
1 Large Broccoli Quiche 9"
1 Tray Penne Alla Vodka (feeds 8-10 people 9"x13" half tray)
1 Par Baked 12" Marguerita Pizza
1 Large 7" cheesecake
1 Litre of Rieme Lemonade (Made in France)

Go ahead shoppers and cooks out there--tell me just how many meals and of what variety you could produce given $99 to go shopping with? Shall I mention the total inbalance of nutrients in this meal? How about that the portion sizes are seriously out of whack--penne that will feed 8-10 but nothing else that matches that number in the other dishes.

And personally speaking, the day will never arrive when I proudly admit I didn't personally cook a meal for yom tov.

For a community where the school tuitions average out at about $15K per child and everyone is yelling that tuition is too high and they can't afford it or it is seriously straining their budgets, perhaps they should look at their eating habits a bit more closely. If this represents a desireable bargain (and I'll assume the restaurant knows its customer base), please don't tell me what expensive in this area looks like.

Yes, there's a reason for why I personally feel that everyone should learn how to cook--the offer above is part of that reason.


JS said...

Wow, that is ridiculously overpriced. And I do agree it seems horribly lacking in any nutrients (I think the broccoli in the quiche is the only green item in the whole meal) - just a bunch of fat and carbs. However, it does seem likely to feed 8 assuming the people aren't gluttonous also.

I'd estimate you could make the same horrible meal (even with buying the challah and cheesecake) for maybe $30. If you made everything yourself maybe $15-$20 if you had most of the supplies already (i.e., not going out to buy a 5 lb bag of flour).

Either way, it's completely absurd to buy a yom tov meal. I get buying a shabbat meal since if you really are stuck for time, you can't cook. But, yom tov? What's the excuse? You can cook on yom tov! And making dairy meals is ridiculously easy. Especially if you don't care about nutrition and just want to make a pizza, some penne, and a quiche. You can make all this stuff in under 30-40 minutes.

As for the tuition comment, I completely agree. And this is why tuition will keep going up, and up, and up because the administrators aren't dummies - they see the conspicuous (and expensive) consumption. Teaneck must have something like 20-25 kosher restaurants and there are new ones opening all the time. Somehow people just keep finding the money for tuition and all these luxuries. Maybe they're all up to their eyeballs in debt. Maybe they don't have a penny to their names. I have no idea. But, they sure aren't stopping the spending.

Anonymous said...

I also thought this deal was ridiculous. My favorite item was the 1 Litre of Rieme Lemonade (Made in France). Are you supposed to buy it because French lemonade is so cool?

I guess if you are a working mother that makes a very high salary, this deal might be good for you because time is money but then you hopefully won't be complaining about tuition.

I personally only have one child and I pay full tuition. I can't imagine complaining about paying full tuition because it is my choice to send my daughter to a frum school so I should pay whatever it costs. If you can't afford a service, don't buy it.

Miami Al said...

Actually, this IS a great deal. Listen to all the whining and complaining on Chump's blog about retirement savings. This solves the issue.

Eat meals like this constantly, and live a sedentary lifestyle, and you won't live to retire. You'll die at your desk of a heart condition.

Agreed with JS, there is NO excuse for not being able to cook a Yom Tov meal. Plan slightly ahead and food process/blend anything that needs to be done say, 15 minutes before Yom Tov, throw it in the oven, and you're done. You don't have to precook it, it can cook over Chag. In fact, it can be cooking WHILE you shower.

Unless you plan on working INTO Yom Tov, there is no excuse not to be able to put this night together.

$100 for one meal, wow... for middle fancy, I don't even know what that is.

Rae said...

Keep in mind that this is only for one meal out of the 4 for Shavuous proper. And if someone should happen to buy 4 different meals? After all, if you didn't have to cook for one meal why dirty up the kitchen cooking for the others either--and those others are going to cost you $125 each meal. That's $474 for the meals for yom tov and that doesn't count any other food consumed during the chag. Total insanity and a heart attack waiting to happen. I can think of lots of things I could do with $474 and this isn't one of them.

Mark said...

This is nuts, what a ripoff! Pasta and dough pretty much. Where are the veggies, the fish, at least some sort of substantial protein to make it even approximate a balanced meal?