Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Gutten Yom Tov

Wishing all my readers a chag sameach with hopes that Shavuous will be for you a wonderful chag, one filled with happy moments and the creation of memories that you will cherish a lifetime.

And yes, please, make those memories. One has no idea of just how long any of us is going to live, so live the moments now to their fullest. Tomorrow marks for me the yahrzeit of my father, Yechezkle ben Yitzchok a"h, the 35th yahrzeit. So many years, and yet the memories created during his lifetime offer comfort now as I think back to all we shared and all I learned from him. May he be a melitz yosher for us all and may his neshomah have an aliyah.

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Anonymous said...

Very right about the memories. It's all we have left after someone is no longer with us and it's what offers some comfort. May your father's neshoma have an aliyah.

Chag sameach.