Sunday, May 15, 2011

When One Hour Seems Like Three Days

I really can't complain that Blogger has been unreliable over the almost 4 years I've been blogging. However, last week it caused me a whole lot of problems, so I'm now apologizing if the blog is going to look rather bleak as to new postings this week--not my fault but Blogger's fault. A one-hour shut down scheduled for last Wednesday lasted until late Friday afternoon. They do promise that postings that have disappeared or not been saved will come back to us. Serves me right I guess; I decided to devote a few hours to polishing some pieces that have been percolating and, of course, they are now nowhere to be found.

A timely reminder to us that those electronic devices we depend on so heavily are not foolproof.

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Anonymous said...

It's just a blog, no reason to get all worked up