Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Case for being a careful Consumer

Okay, I'm not naive--manufacturers are in business to sell their products and that's, for most of them, their bottom line consideration. But as I pointed out Pesach time (regarding a pictured and labeled yellow cake mix which wasn't yellow), looking at the box doesn't mean that you're going to get what is illustrated/stated there.

Any of you enjoy products with blueberries in them? Are you sure those are really blueberries in the package? Go to the link below and get an education about what blueberry means to a whole lot of product manufacturers.


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Abba's Rantings said...

"looking at the box doesn't mean that you're going to get what is illustrated"

good lesson. my son recently asked me why cerial boxes have pictures with fruit in the bowl even thought there is no fruit in the box. but that video you linked to is crazy.

(it's not on the same level, but i was shocked when i visited the herr's factory last year in PA and learned that onion rings are made from potatoes, not onions)